Mission & Vision

    UNACCO SCHOOL’s mission is to nurture sincere, ethical, responsible and dynamic leaders who will contribute positively to common goal. As an educational institution, UNACCO School aims at welfare, development and growth of knowledge for children to emerge

1. Citizens who are skilled, groomed to be self-reliant and matured emotionally enough to face challenges of life.
2. Moral and principled people, esteemed with traditions and up-bringing, whose self-esteem evokes respect from others and for others
3. Kind and considerate students who co-operate with elders, mentors and teachers.
4. Lifelong learners with skill to think creatively and reasonably critic with effective communications.

About The School

   Replacing the Academic excellence by the Educational excellence for the present and future welfare of the humankind is the UNACCO SCHOOL’s philosophy. Academic excellence only is not sufficient for an individual to face the ever changing challenges. Educational excellence, a combination of all excellent qualities of an individual can be imparted to a child, by providing a planned education system that will benefit the child at the time of his/her coming out of school.

    All the UNACCO SCHOOLs aim at creating the life-time learners having positive and peaceful thoughts in their minds, who can contribute effectively to make the future of humankind strong, positive and peaceful. It therefore, necessitates to build up unique infrastructures to render excellent education to its students. UNACCO School is ready to provide responsible and meaningful education to all its students.

    This is the second school run by the UNACCO Social Development Trust to give quality education to the future responsible citizens of the society. It will start its first academic session in 2019 from classes Pre-Nursery to Std. VII and will upgrade one class every year upto Std . XII.

    The school is being governed by its Governing Body consisting of a number of experienced and socially reputed persons with their strong backgrounds of education. The Advisory Council of the school will also render supportive and advisory role to the Governing Body. The School Management Committee of the UNACCO School will execute all the related works of the school as decided by the Governing Body under the supervision of the Advisory Council.

About Our School Campus

UNACCO School is located at Meitram, Imphal West nearby Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, Imphal, a distance of about nine kilometres from the State Capital. The school is connected with all-weathered motorable roads. A variety of conveyance, viz. buses, taxi, auto-rickshaws is readily available from the school for commuting to Imphal town and other neighbouring important places or vice versa. The surrounding areas are eco-friendly, free from pollution with natural breeze and scenic greenery beauty.

The Complex Includes

SAFETY OF THE STUDENTS is the top-priority of the School Management. The architect and the pool of engineers of the School have given due care, right from the selection of School building site, soil testing and other requirements for the safety and protection of our students from earthquakes, flood, other natural calamities, fire hazards, etc. The school block has a T-shaped two-storeyed building with enough class-rooms and washroom in each floor. The central portion of the School campus, surrounded by the two-storeyed building, has a wide area for the assembly of the students and various other functions of the School.

The school is fenced all around and guarded round the clock by our authorized security personnels. CCTV cameras are installed at every nook and corner of the complex.

Dedicated power connection is available in the school campus round the clock ensuring regular power supply day and night. Standby arrangements for power supply with high powered generators are also available to substitute/supplement the power supply in case the regular power supply fails. The complex is provided with the continuous supply of pure & hygienic drinking/potable water.

The classrooms are well-ventilated and are furnished with the furniture, lighting arrangements and teaching aids. These rooms are made quite spacious for the comfort of the students and flexible enough to fecilitate change/renovation required. Each room can accommodate 40 (forty) students.

Separate staff rooms are also provided (common for all teaching staff). There are separate rooms for the Principal, Vice-Principals, Subject-wise teacher In-charges, Examination Departments for performing their confidential official works.

A doctor’s three bedded room with all the emergency clinical requirements is also there in the campus.