UNACCO SCHOOL is an English Medium co-educational school affiliated to be affiliated to Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM). The Medium of instruction and that of communication on the campus is English, Special care is taken in the teaching of English at different levels, emphasizing the interactive skills of the students in the language. However, there is emphasis on achieving a high standard in Hindi and Manipuri as well.

The schooling from Pre-nursery to Std. V involves more explanatory process for unearthing the hidden talents of each individual student. It is a universal fact that the young children are very powerful and enthusiastic in learning new things at their own. The role of the teachers at this explanatory stage of schooling is to wake up the sleeping teacher inside the child and make the sleeping teacher active. The child, then, will be readily willing to learn. Here, the watchful teachers, guardians and parents are required. The school recruits highly talented and watchful teachers to guide the children, The co-operation of the guardians/parents of the students will be required. The school curriculum is divided into two broad
1. Pre-nursery, Nursery & KG
2. Primary & Secondary

Pre-nursery, Nursery & KG

The curriculum for the pre-nursery and Nursery years is developed in house by the UNACCO SCHOOL team based on the experiences of various such schools of Manipur and other states and considering the need for the improvement of learning systems of the young infants. Under this curriculum, the school provides a firm basis for each Individual child to move forward freely at a comfortable and fun-oriented but challenging pace with carefully monitoring mechanism . Here, a close Interactions with the guardians/Parents of the children is required. A suggestive tool for the parents/guardians Is also designed for this purpose.

Pre-nursery, Nursery & KG

More emphasis is given in the development of English language (speaking, writing, listening, presenting, etc.) Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical education, Computer knowledge, environment and disaster management etc. Careful attention is given to the development of knowledge with understanding, ethics with awareness and skills with application. The performance of each individual student is assessed by a mix of informal class tests and through the regular assessment cycles and internal examinations conducted at regular intervals.

Performance in the extra-curricular activities, discipline and involvement in the school activities carries separate weightage for assessment of overall performance of the students. The assessment reports of the students will be communicated through our school website after each assessment. The assessment copy also will be sent the guardians/parents.